Women Stem Up


wp1 - Project Management


The project coordinator ensures that all activities are achieved within time and budget and develop the following structure in the project.


The project Coordinator (PC) (LiU) is also responsible for the overall management and monitoring of the project and specifically in charge of:

  • monitoring the project’s work plan and results and ensuring that the project is implemented properly
  • monitoring the progress and financial reports of partners and developing the official progress and financial reports of the project
  • keep an open communication channel between partners towards a collaborative work, administer project resources and all budget-related issues.

wp2 - Development at training programme for STEM educators


a) Training university staff in gender inclusive teaching approaches

b) Increasing the understanding of the relevance of gender and equal opportunities issues for the STEM areas due its potential socio-technical impact.

c) Promoting gender mainstreaming in general


A study analyzing female students’ perceptions towards STEM fields along with educators’ perspectives on gender and teaching.

Develop of a training module that covers the following topics:

  • Gender balance through language.
  • Gender balance methods into practice. It will include teaching techniques, examples, and practical steps for making both the teaching and the learning environment more inclusive.
  • Development of gender equitable and inclusive teaching material.
  • Development of a strategy focused on career orientation through an E-STEAM approach.

wp3 - Development of Leadership and Inspiration Academy

Goals To contributes increase the confidence of female STEM students by addressing persistent stereotypes, and inspiring and leading to questioning the perceived masculinity of STEM fields.


Develop of a mentoring program that includes:

  • A set of videos, story cards, posters and presentations showcasing women role models.
  • Videos, story cards, posters, and presentations of women in STEM leadership roles breaking the cycle of this male-dominated field.
  • Role models in academia: videos, story cards, posters
  • Directory of existing networks of mentors and mentoring programmes that encourage women to pursue careers in STEM.
  • A guide with strategies for establishing a mentoring programme within STEM faculties as a means to connect female students with STEM professionals (female scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators)
  • A training package for mentors offering guidelines about how to mentor female students.

WP4 - Development and delivery of the Women STEM UP for GOOD programme


To design, develop and deliver a Women STEM UP for GOOD blended learning program.


A model training programme that could be applied by faculty members to further support female engagement with STEM

The programme will be composed of 2 elements:

a) an innovative curriculum and

b) train the trainer resources.

wp5 - Dissemination and follow up activities


Creates awareness as project and communicate the project activities, events, results, and achievements to widest possible audience.


  • Implement and monitor a multi-dimensional communication and dissemination strategy to enhance the project’s visibility
  • Share the project’s results within partner organizations and wider communities and maximize their impact
  • Develop, maintain, and update the project website
  • Develop social media tools to disseminates outcomes of project