Outcomes from the data collection – Focus groups and surveys

We have collected data through surveys and focus group discussions, to understand students’ and teachers’ experiences regarding gender in STEM, mainly CS and education. The outcomes of the surveys shown:

  • how students and teachers perceive gender, gender imbalance and gender inclusion
  • Examples and areas students expect receive during lectures.
  • Preferences regarding pedagogical methods i.e. lecturers, seminars, work groups, workshops, online learning
  • Demand for female role models
  • Differences between female and male teachers on how to give feedback to students.

From the outputs of the surveys, we have adapted a check lists to be used to review course materials, literature and exercises

Students ask for: 

1 – More female literature

2 – Historical overview of STEM areas and highly contributions to the area from both women and men

Teachers ask for:

1- Tutored seminars with faculty colleagues to become aware of which questions to ask, which indicators to look for, and how to be more inclusive